1,111 Mekka Froggo in #Solana pond.

Element 115 was extracted from a meteorite by Nazis during World War II. Its powers were uncharted and were found to bring fallen warriors back from the dead. There was one catch, however – resurrected soldiers were reanimated as Zombies. After Germany’s defeat, the American operation Paper Clip decided to research Element 115 in secret and continue experiments on live subjects.

Paper Clip managed to manipulate frogs that had been injected with 115 components, turning them into war-hungry amphibians. The frogs who managed to flee from the laboratory formed a militia of their own, separate from the operation and planned to take on Paper Clip’s frog army, and ultimately reduce Paper Clip to rubble.

Humans launched the Frog War to destroy the Prophets Alliance…



Prophets vs Slumbers

In the matchup, each froggo will represent the alliance. The victorious team will receive additional $LFGO!



FROGG’s involvement in the training will improve its ranking and allow it to play a larger role in the competition.


Phase 1, MINT:

Mint 1,111 MEKKA FROGGO, 555 Prophets, 556 Slumbers;

Phase 2, WAR:

Stake FROGGO to participate in a match between two alliances and the winner will split $LFGO; Stake FROGGO to the training to raise the FROGGO level and make the alliance stronger.

Phase 3, BURNING:

Hold two MEKKA FROGGO in the same alliance in your wallet and burn $LFGO to receive a MEKKA egg;

Phase 4, HATCHING:

You will be able to hatch MEKKA eggs & new warriors will join in the alliance.


Legendary MEKKA FROGGO will be revealed from breeding MEKKA eggs, make your alliance even stronger!


How many MEKKA FROGGO will be available?

1,111 . 555 Prophets, 556 Slumbers

When will I be able to mint a MEKKA FROGGO?

Stealth mint ( We will tease when we are ready )

What blockchain will you be using?

Solana Blockchain

How much will it cost to mint one MEKKA FROGGO?

0.49 Sol

Do you have a long-term roadmap?

Yes, we will create a staking mechanism involving battle of two alliances for $LFGO rewards. We strive to build an immersive MEKKA FROGGO Metaverse, tailored to the interests of our supporters.

Will there be a pre-sale?

No, there’s no pre-sale.